WR Morgan MD The Best Man Around


WR Morgan MD- the best man around, my daddy, was something else. His parents died without ever once telling him they loved him. He made it his mission that his kids would not go to bed one night without hearing i love you. He said at first it was awkward, but eventually, he couldn’t go to bed without saying it to us. He paid his way through college, through medical school, and graduated early (so are used to call him doogie hauser. he did not think that was funny and he would yell that’s a fictional character!)

While my mother was mentally ill, my father was chief-of-staff at the hospital, but would shut down his office to attend our games, concerts, shows. He took 6 wild ass kids on vacation pulling his ski boat by himself. Yes he was human and not perfect, thank God, but he showed me how to stick to your guns, how to dig in when things got tough, and when life says no way, do it your way. And the best thing through all of this he showed me how to have a hell of a damn good time. I just happened upon this picture tonight. It reminded me also that he could down a beer in a second because he said he could open whatever in his throat and it would just pour in. I learned that from him. I don’t mean to brag, but I won the beer chugging contest when I was a freshman at kansas state university . I beat a 260 pound football player. I made my daddy proud. 😂 He told me at seven years old, ‘you have more balls than anyone I’ve ever met’. From the pure radiating pride I saw in his eyes that night, I cherished that comment and (sometimes unfortunately) I live it with all of my heart. Thank you daddy. Thank you for showing me what strength and loyalty look like. And how to love with all of your heart mess and all. ❤️

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