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messy imperfect life with leigh podcast

Hi friend! I AM SO EXCITED! MY FIRST PODCAST!!!! (I will be releasing one each week.) Welcome to the messy imperfect life with leigh podcast. Life can be fun, adventurous, ridiculous, miraculous, and messy as hell. The mess is something we all have in common. That comforts me. So often when we are in the mess of our lives we isolate, feel ashamed, or withdraw. I think the mess is the best place to connect. When we connect in the mess, not only do we feel better and start to heal, but we are reminded we are not alone. The mess is where the gold is; where we find our greatest strength and our deepest learnings. Let’s get vulnerable, roll up our sleeves, and get our hands dirty. Let’s extract the gems we have inside, polish them, and share them with the world. Embrace exactly where you are, own your worth, and unleash your Star Power (and I’m not talking about the Hollywood kind)!