Becoming Leigh

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Recently I was thinking about why we are on this planet. I shared my thoughts with a girlfriend over coffee. When I finished, she stated that she would never think about life the same. Since that conversation, neither have I. I welcome you to open your mind and heart to the words below, allowing yourself to entertain a new perspective on life. It is common for us to try and avoid the challenges of life, and the people who challenge us. However, when we embrace them, we can learn what they came to teach.  

How I think this whole human life thing goes down.

Hello God. Divine Being #337512728 here. I heard you wanted to see me. What? It’s my time to experience being human? I get to go to Earth?! Awesome! I am ready. What earthsuit am I going to get? Leigh? In Kansas? Leigh, is that a boy or a girl? A girl, ok. Kansas? Oh, she doesn’t stay long. Where is she? I am ready to see her! Looking down through the clouds God and the Divine Being 33 (for short) see Leigh. Oh, there she is! She’s so cute! Wait, her mother is not touching her. She is completely neglecting her. Oh my, her dad is spanking her little 7-year- old tush too hard. He’s taking his rage out on her. She’s so sad. She feels alone.

Ok. Let me guess her earth school curriculum. Let me think for a minute...her earth school curriculum is going to be... Unworthiness? Am I right? Yes! I knew I would guess my assignment on the first try. God, I don’t mean to judge your work, but why do so many people get the curriculum of overcoming unworthiness? Couldn’t you think of something new? I don’t get it; it’s like every time....Okay, okay, I’ll focus.

There she is in 3rd grade. She is fist fighting with Greg Rider and David Bestow. God, do something! (pause) Oh, she beat them both up. She’s tough. 

She’s in 4th grade now and was crowned Miss Jr. Overland Park at her local mall. She is crowned queen of her mall! She is taking risks and being rewarded. Good for her! 

She’s in 6th grade. She became the first girl president of John Deimer Elementary School! She’s learning to overcome her obstacles. 

Jr. High School: cheerleading, drill team, and volleyball. High School: cheerleading, drill team, she’s a good dancer. She is really using the creative talents you have given her God.

She’s at the end of senior year and at age 18 she loses her virginity to Bruce Orlando because she thought he was the guy she was going to marry.

College...oh my girls gone wild! Drinking, sex, drugs and eating too much pizza. She is running too fast. Doesn’t she know she is better than that? Oh wait... she is living her earth school curriculum of being unworthy. In that case, she is doing great job! But please tell me she figures it out soon because that’s hard to watch.

She graduates with a degree in Recreation and Leisure? That gives her surgeon father a hearty belly laugh. And she’s off; St. Thomas Virgin Islands, Guam, and she becomes a SCUBA diving instructor for Club Med, Tahiti? God, I’m going to have a blast down there!

She settles down in Los Angeles – wouldn’t you know she ends up in the City of Angels! She is still partying hard and making out. Oh look God, she is now 31, worn out, and sick of being single. She is coming to you for help! She is being so specific with the details of her prayer. I know how helpful that is for you and the angels. And boy do you reward her! She gets David Koechner! You must really like this girl to give her Dave, he is one of the brightest souls around. She is starting to heal in the safe space that they have created. She is doing her work, going to therapy, breaking the childhood armor around her heart.

Oh man, she almost dies having her first kid and loses her uterus? She wants a big family. She is so sad. But, knowing you, I bet it turns out great doesn't it God? Oh really? Better than she ever imagined? She has four more kids with the help of two gestational surrogates? That is not at all how she planned to have a family. Boy you work in miraculous ways. 

Wait, I’m going to be a mom to 5 kids? Holy Cow. Thank You that she is healing, so she doesn’t continue the cycle that her mother passed on that was passed to her from all of the generations before. She is a bit disconnected from her kids, but sees it and is working on it. She is taking responsibility for her actions. She is starting an authentic dialogue with her husband and children.

Leigh is sharing what she learned and helping others. Good for her! That’s what we are called to do. People are really connecting with her honesty. God, she is using the unworthiness and feeling alone from her childhood to let others know that “you are not alone” as adults. This is beautiful. This is what you want! She has reframed her issues as a blessing! No way, No way! She enrolled at the University of Santa Monica, your spirit school! Of course, she did.

Her husband’s career is thriving. Leigh is writing her books, enjoying her speaking engagements, and hosting the joy filled show of her dreams. Her light is bubbling through her and sparkling on the paths of others.

What God? It’s time to go to Earth? Right now? Wait, what else happens?!? There is still more to see. I don’t get to see anymore? I’ll be back up here in 88 years? You’re right, that really is just a snap of your finger. Is this the part that everyone told me I would freak out about? What is it? What????? 

Let me get this straight, when I get down there, I won’t remember this discussion or anything at all about being up here and hanging with my favorite soul friends? This is an outrage, God! How can you leave me? That’s not fair!!!! Ohhhhhh…right. I’m going down to experience humanity and you’ll be with me all along. My favorite soul friends are going to play my mom, husband, sister, and kids? This is awesome!

Seriously though God, there are too many overcoming unworthiness stories on the planet. You have to get more original. Okay! Okay! I’m going. 3 deep breaths. Okay, here I go. Don’t push me! 1 2 3 Divine Being 33 jumps from the clouds yelling, “Here I come world!!!!!” 

We see baby Leigh being held up in the air. Slowly blinking her eyes for a bit as she assesses her surroundings. With a big inhale and exhale, she belts out the joyful cry of a newborn. The room cheers. And so, Leigh’s life begins.

I would like to thank all of the people who have pushed my buttons and shown me where the work is that I need to do, especially my family.  

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