SimpLeigh Manifesting

If you have set an intention, a goal, a desire for this new year and are interested in manifesting it, join me for SimpLeigh Manifesting 33 Days to Getting Our Desire

If you answer yes to this, congratulations! If you answered no, let’s shift our lives closer to the life we dream of.

Knowing that you have created the life you are living by the choices you have made, is empowering because you can change it! We can move from blame to peace, from finger pointing to freedom.  

My intention for these 33 days is to celebrate the things we love and shift the things we don’t by practicing OWNERSH*T. It’s time to step up and take responsibility for our lives!  

Goodbye blame, hello Happiness!


"You have created your life. It’s not your parents, your lover, your job, the economy, the president, an argument, or your family that is to blame or celebrate. It’s you. You see the world as you feel about yourself and you tell others how to treat you. Own your sh*t and change your life."  

-Leigh Koechner