Compassion & BALLS T-SHIRT

Compassion & BALLS T-SHIRT


When I was 11 years old my father looked lovingly into my
eyes and said, “You have more Balls than anyone I have
ever met.” That was the sweetest thing he ever said to me.
I will never forget that moment because of the gleam in his
eye and how proud he was when he said it.

What I have loved about healing, learning, and growing as
an adult is how Compassionate I have become with myself
and others. I strive to accept each person exactly where
they are while honoring their process and life perspective.
Thank God we are all different!

Hey friend, you think differently than I? Let’s grab a coffee. I
would love to hear all about it.

Wear this shirt and join me in living life with Compassion & Balls!

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100% Cotton

Preserve your garment and the environment! Turn inside out and wash on cold then hang or tumble dry on low.